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Service Change Notification

Date: November 27 2014

Services Affected: RoadDSS Navigator and Manager SMS


Please be aware that our service provider has changed the sender numbers for SMS to all countries, with the exception of the USA. Country-specific numbers are now used where available. Customers in the USA will continue to receive RoadDSS SMS from the same number as enabled in early November. Customers from other countries will have already started to receive SMS from the new numbers.


Country-specific SMS numbers include:


Canada: +12048176602

Finland: +3584573960800

France: +33644630250

Germany: +491771782320

Ireland: +353873700620

Norway: +4759440019

Spain: +34911067120

UK: +447860021130

USA: +12105190269


Best Regards,

Vaisala Customer Services

+44 (0) 121 6831269